Unprecedented Times- Covid 19

A message to all my clients Landlords and Tenants alike.
1 Stop Letting Solutions has not deserted you in these unprecedented times, that is too say i as the Director most definitely haven’t.
Currently we are managing all our clients properties in the safest way possible and conversing with tenants.
We are taking everything day by day as things are changing day by day.
We are taking every tenants issues on a individual basis and as it arises, this is the only way as every tenant/family and their circumstances in this climate are individual. Some are employed, some are self employed,some are social tenants so everyone’s situation is different and ever changing.
Landlords- you can rest assured i am letting tenants know that although we can be sympathetic and understanding that this is not a red flag to Just not pay rent, everyone’s current situation will be taken into consideration and advised accordingly.
Tenants- can also rest assured that i am here to help you through these unprecedented times too.
You are both equally my clients!!!
I will be adding to this post at least weekly and sharing any facts and links that i think will be useful as i receive them from my Trusted Colleagues namely a accountant and financial adviser and Mortgage Broker who are privy to facts and knowledge that we may not be.

But For Now Guys